Peter Yuill is a Canadian born artist educated at Sheridan College in Toronto with a BAA majoring in illustration now living and working in Hong Kong. He grew up as a graffiti artist and urban explorer where he developed an intimate love affair with the streets and factories that has heavily influenced his work today. 
His work deals with the divinity of the machine, the role it plays in our lives and with the development of the human existence. As well, he explores the powerful and seductive nature of symbols, nationalism, and of empire.

- BAA (Illustration) Sheridan College, Toronto, Canada

- American Illustration 27 Chosen Award
- "People Choice" Hong Kong Contemporary Art Show Young Artist Award

- Evisu, Pizza Express, Washi Jeans, Adidas, Jagermeister, Patron, WeSC, Rethink Communications, Applied Arts Magazine, Lei Dou, Mute Nostril Agony, Studio Danz, K11 Mall, TAP Ensemble, Rhythm Fit

The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum, London, On. Canada

Selected Exhibitions
- Superlative Nights, WeSC Concept Store, Hong Kong
- Central, The Blck Brd, Hong Kong
- Fotanion, Hong Kong
- Art Fusion 10, London Canada.
- Palpable Obscura - The Arts Project, London, Canada.
- Young and Baroque - Canteen Gallery, Ottawa Canada.
- Untitled - Loose Cannon Gallery, Hamilton Canada.
- For No One, Loose Cannon Gallery, Hamilton Canada.
- Christmas Collective, Loose Cannon Gallery, Hamilton Canada.
- Boys will be Boys, Loose Cannon Gallery, Hamilton Canada.
- Annual Group Show, Ben Navaee Gallery, Toronto Canada.